The Perfect Beer!

I got a  “have you seen this…” from the girlfriend… I thought it was really good.

yes, it’s nearly my perfect beer.  1, I love Sour. 2, I love sour cherries. 3, I love Pinot Noir.  I will try to find a silly video of us sitting in Russian River this year, drinking way toooo much.

Found this though, please excuse the language.


Join me as I take delivery of some extra special beers that I have just bought from
I was overwhelmed with how good the Lost Abbey beers were at Christmas that I was thirsty for more. Of course, the Lost Abbey beers were quick to sell out but the Port Brewing pack is still available – Port Brewing being a sister company to Lost Abbey in California, but specialising in more hoppy IPA style beers….

We really like Steve, always smiling and enjoying beer from whereever, as long as it’s really good!   Thanks so much!