Barley wine

Some pics


link to SF Chronicle Article

Dave Mclean of the excellent Magnolia on the Upper Haight

breathing space among chaos - ordered chaos tho - at the Barley Wine Fest, Toronado

55 (56) Barley wines @ $2/ 2 oz.... amazing!

Vinne and Arnie ( Russian River and Marin) hiding at the Peacock Lounge

very cool street art, on a man way on the street

Random Brit(t)

Sometimes I just sit back in wonder, and in some fear were my travels are taking me and the fantastic people that I get to spend time with – one being the very cool chap, and home brewer extraordanaire Johnny Lieberman from Los Angeles!     A member of the very cool, dedicated, and talent group (homebrew club) the Maltose Falcons – I had the serious luxury and pleasure of hanging with them in February at their award bash at the iconic Anchor Brewery.

Why I write this – well, I have been mooching the web looking for a picture and stumpled his blog – and there was the day!   here

Wow – and this was only this year…