Off to Belgium & Currently Enjoying

Once again I am a wandering.  After a crazy busy week, notable by lack of Tweets and Blog posts, I am scooting off to Belgium tonight.

Sat here, coffee in hand I just want to give a quick review of a few things.

Big Format Beers – 75cl bottles of various brews are going to be available soon.   New Breweries – We’ll be bringing a few new breweries to the site soon – as per normal, we’ll announce via newsletter/blog and twitter as and when they are available.   UK Breweries – We have started the ball rolling with a few notable UK breweries, Thornbridge, Bath and Old Chimneys; we’ll be extending that range as and when I stumble across brews that we really like!   I have my eyes on a couple… watch this space.   Cider – we are bringing a few ciders to the site, please watch this space.

I am currently enjoying revisiting a couple of old favourites – Rodenbach being one.    I have been trying the various guises and package options – really enjoying the 75cl bottles of Grand Cru.   I have recently enjoyed the Jolly Pumpkin La Roja and The Rodenbach original side by side.  Whilst the Rodenbach is a world classic, the La Roja was an exciting version of the same style  – whilst not as acetic, there are wild complexities that are very hard to bring to any beer.

I have also been out and about, getting out back on the bank, fishing a pastime that I really enjoy – so I have been looking for a beer that’s going to satisfy, be safe to transport in a rucksack and pretty light to bring back to the car to be recycled.    A can was the imediate answer – drawn from Shaun O’Sullivan’s very popular canned brews at 21st Amendment and the Oscar Blues beers.   Both these brewers are in areas that have a big outward bound movement, San Francsico, California, and Boulder Colorado – as such a canned beverage has been a seen automatic answer to the problem of taking craft beer to the big outdoors.      Hunting around the portfolios of many of our suppliers – canned beers are a little thin on the ground – Palm have sent me a few samples, Palm Royale, Palm and Judas.  They will be joining me on the bank, after experiments as to the differences between Bottle and Can.   I will be looking for more cans, Rodenbach and a decent pils/Lager too.

So have a great weekend, grab  a beer or three and have fun!

And if you want more information about Jolly Pumpkin – watch this

SF Beer Week – in Pictures

 - click the image here to go to the pool -

- click the image here to go to the pool -

Someone just made me aware that there are loads of SF Beer week pictures available here

The fun thing was going through and just seeing how many of the 150+ events that we on, and the ones that I made it too…. and survived to tell the tale.

thanks Gabbi.