Ratebeer, done again…

“Dear Fellow RateBeerian

I’m sorry to say that despite our best efforts and an outstanding group of worldwide volunteers and active raters in countries around the the globe, we’ve come to a point where it’s difficult to resume our service to craft beer community.

Recently we’ve come under a steady attack by hackers to shut us down. I’m very sorry to say that for now that they’ve been successful. And I realize that correcting the issue is beyond my abilities and means.

I’m asking you tonight for help.

If you can recommend a top tier Windows IIS/SQL Server security expert or can donate money to RateBeer for the cause please do. Please send help to joet@ratebeer.com either via PayPal or via mail. I’m trying very hard to bring back our service to the community. Please help.


Joe Tucker”

From the man himself – so, if you happen to stumble on this site, and can help – please get incontact with Joe ASAP  – this is a pain in the doodads, a major source of reference, comunication and frivolity within the comunity.    Yes, there are other options, but we love Ratebeer!

Please feel free to use the comments pages on here to maintain comunications with other Ratebeerians.   (I should have a forum space established by tonight. )

Who, why’s, and what’s can wait………. good luck joe.