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pinched from Reluctant

pinched from Reluctant

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“The Portman Group, the drinks industry’s humour-bypassed regulatory body, have provisionally upheld their decision to force the removal of three Brewdog beers from retailer’s shelves due to the ‘aggressive marketing’ used by the brewer.

The complaints begger belief. Hop Rocker is marketed with the phrases “nourishing foodstuff” and “Magic is still there to be extracted”; the Portman panel said that implies the drink could enhance mental and physical capabilities. Er, WTF??? Rip Tide, being a “twisted merciless stout” – is associated in their eyes with antisocial behaviour. And one of my favourite beers, Punk IPA, which is described on the small print of the back label as an “aggressive beer”… Portman say that the use of the word aggression “is more likely to be seen applying to the drinker rather than the drink”. FFS.

This was supposed to be a blog about a great bottle of beer. But now it’s got far, far more important things to say. You want to know the truth about Punk IPA and Brewdog? Can you handle the truth?”

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