A Double D you can really enjoy! – De Ranke and Dupont –

One of the first beers that I really fell in love with in Belgium, was De Ranke XX bitter.    A stupendous amount of East Kent Goldings, drowned in a light pale efervescent golden ale – give one of the true classics and a brew that I used to hunt down.   I actually went to belgium soley to find this beer, when I first heard of it.  Well, we’ve got some 750’s!

XX Bitter Arrives!

XX Bitter Arrives!

Then because of demand, we have some 750’s of Saison Dupont!  Since 1844, this beer has been brewed in their farm-brewery, during the winter time. Then this beer became a second refermentation in the barrel.

saison dupont

saison dupont

During the next summer, this very thirst-quenching beer was served to the “saisoniers” which were working on the fields. Surely therefore, Saison Dupont is considered as “the classic” among the Belgian season beers! Coppery blond, the finest aromas and a strong bitterness transform this beer into a thirst-quenchener with no equal, just the way it was created. Selection of yeasts is the perfect base for these typical aromas and ditto taste. A real refermentation in the bottle, which will continue for a long time in your cellar, result into this complex and particular aromatic beer

A 750 is the large cork sealed bottles, much like a spumante – great table sized beers, or just to share.


San Diego comes to England

Not to long ago I went wandering and bumped into some pretty cool brewers, making some amazing beers and having a great time doing it… all so infectious.

So I bought a few bottles back to the office, here in sunny, but cold, Kent – this was back in February.  I passed them around the table when we meet, and the boss loved them.  So, off I went back to the US, threw some clothes in my rucsak and vanished in to the land of stars and stripes.

That was the precursor to the beer insanity tour.    And soon you will be able to drink the results of these researching adventures.   check the twitter account for news.

The ETA is late november, early December.

oh, and I’m back to the area, via Arizona in December/NY…