Cheeky Cnut!?

Apparently, I am a cheeky “cnut”,   according to an email I received whilst partaking in the company of such fine people as Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing.

You can read the reason that I am, kinda, is very well written here, by one of the best beerish writers in my sphere of friends, here*

*edited – changed as per comments.

Mr Garrett Oliver

We have, friends included, consumed a number of beers that Garrett has had influence on, so far they are pretty  good.

so far:

Thornbridge Alliance
Thornbridge PX  Barrel Aged Alliance
Kelham Island Smoked Porter
Schneider – Brooklyner Schneider & Schneider Brooklyner
Brooklyn Black Chocolate

nice work Mr Oliver.  and a very nice chap he is too.



and if your one of those that doesn’t own his book – go and get it now!