A friend leaving the island…



There are times when you kick yourself – you should have spent more time goofing around, sharing ideas, and just having fun with someone.

As a homebrewer/beer lover, there is one person who’s influence to my brewing has gone beyond the few meeting that we have had.   Casey Letellier has been a motivation, a wall to bounce ideas off, and someone to share an opinion with – and when he says, “mmmmmm” one has to stop and reconsider the direction you are taking.    I believe from the noises that he is making he would love to be a pro-brewer, and his returning to the US might be the making of that.  I for one hope he gets picked up quickly, as the knowledge and passion that Casey will come with, and more over the desire to prove – will be worth more than many will be imediately aware of.   Casey, is also, in no minor way an excellent graphic designer… imagine that – he can brew great beer, and knock up a good label to boot…

A quitely personable, affable and likeable guy – he has made many friends in his time in the UK – my first meeting with him at the Dover Beer Festival, and my latest, I hope not last – was at the GBBF.    The luxury that I have with frequent travel to the US, I know that I will see him again soon.    I know that any brewery that takes him on the US will have a great asset. Ratebeer top 50’s will soon follow!

He living in Oxford, and I the closest place to france, seemed a long way – now it seems not that far at all.

Good Luck, and please please keep in touch.