fusion wins at Mondial de la Biere.

Platinum Fusion!

a note from Brewer, Justin Hawke – rightly celebrating this great achievement!

“One of the biggest beer festivals in the world is taking place in Montreal
at the moment – Mondial de la Biere.  We were one of seven breweries
selected to showcase UK talent.  There are over 600 beers there, including a
competition.  Three Platinum medals were awarded in total, one of which we
won with Fusion.  Too bad there are only 700 bottles a year!  Better pop
something special to celebrate.

Moor brewery, down in deepest darkest Somerset is brewing some of the best beer in the UK – as with a recent expansion in brewhouse capacity and beers being available in the M&B estate – look out for these flavour forward, hop heavenly and delectable brews.

You can buy Moor Beer, at Beermerchants.com  (including both vintages of Fusion!)