Yesterdays arrivals and musings…

… yes, lambic…. and things of a sour note.

The arrivals gave me the incentive to go rummaging in the “beer store” – my garage – and see what gems I had forgotten about.

I stumbled upon a couple of boxes marked Cantillon, from when I was their in March, 08.  Seems like years ago – hanging out with Shane, Claudia, Rodger;  Great fun…   I will always know when, never be able to forget, as recently a book has been published showing the front of the Cantillon brewery – with my little blue van in the picture.   Anyhoo, back to the story….  Apricot Lambic…. yummy me thinks.

Recently I made a trip to the US with one beer as my target,  “Erics Ale, of the Lips of Faith” from New Belgium.  I, say we, stumbled upon it on a fantastic day spent with two very good people, Mr David Hopwood of Stone Brewing, and Rodger Davis of Triple Rock/Drakes fame.     My god did the Erics ale live up to expectations.  A peach sour ale, with lovely fresh clean sour notes; I say fresh and clean meaning with out extra chaotic notes from completely uncontrolled wild ferment.     Where as the Cantillon was great too, I loved what I was drinking – the apricot notes subtly coming through -where as with the Erics the peach notes can be found if you look hard enough.      I will admit that, on the day in question, a great many ales of note were consumed – from Russian River, through Lost Abbey, Hair of the Dog, et al… but the two glasses of Erics Ale, and the Wilden Zuid Train from Flossmoor were outstanding memories of that trip.

(travel pics here)

The Fou’Foune – verdict:  I will need to get some more of this.  I like it.  A summer apperatif, Cantillon house flavours carry the understated apricot – unsweetened, no syrups realllllll fruit – perfectly.   Is this an under the radar effort from Cantillon, missed with bigger beers in mind…?