Smoking Damnation…

Couple of new beers.

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis (Hell & Damnation)

An almost black colored beer, with a thick dark beige foamed head. It stays for awhile. It leaves a lace on the glass. An incredible aroma of burned/roasted malts, coffee, chocolate, dark fruits and nuts. The taste starts with burned malts, coffee combined with pure chocolate. There are fruits like, prune, date and raisins. Some sweet in the back. As the temperature is rising, there are aromas and tastes of liquorice. This gives a warm feeling. The aftertaste is a little dry roasted. A great beer. (99/100

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Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood

Pours brown and opaque with a nice fizzy white head. Smells of juniper berries, hints of campfires, lots of gin like qualities, some underlying sweet malt. Tastes of smoked malt, pepper, juniper berries, lots of bitterness. Some chocolatey touches are also present. Mouthfeel is full. Finish is lightly smoky and bitter. (94/100

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Cloudy, nearly muddy, amber hue with a moderately sized, light tan, foamy head that quickly diminishes. Smells…amazing. Smoke — like snuffed candles — peaches and bananas, perhaps as saltwater taffy candies. In the background lurks some rusty, oxide aromas. From there it gets really strange, flush with smoked salmon, brined olives, pine needles and cedar. What a rush. The flavour begins moderately sweet with elements of tangerine, cedar and taffy. Some notes of pine and peach shine through as acidity along with some tart berries. Around mid-palate the smoke jumps in, tinged with sea salt and oranges. The finish is mostly dry with a little Meyer lemon sweetness. Also present, some more saltiness, light smoke and berry skins…never tannic though. Medium bodied, and the texture is divinely velvety. Carbonation is lively and crisp, like biting into a firm apple. Expertly crafted, intriguing

Struise/Mikkeller & De Molen – inc. Cuvee Delphine and Black Damnation

Struise/Mikkeller Collaborative

Struise/Mikkeller Collaborative

An extra special treat for all those Struise and Mikkeller fans, and introducing De Molen.

Not only some of the most sought after and flavoursome beers on planet earth – but some only available now and perhaps never again?

This is the true headonists case of beer – combining the rarest, biggest flavours and examples of modern brewing that you might find around.    The Collaborative brews, of Mikkeller/Struise, and Struise/DeMolen a modern duet of flavours.    The Black Damnation (a selected blend of De Molen’s Hell and Damnation, and Black Albert from Struise) along with the exceptionally rare and sought after Cuvee Delphine – (Batch 0 Black Albert barrel aged in Four Roses Bourbon Casks) – were recent stars of a tasting in Belgium recently, causing great demand for these brews.



A quote from famed Belgian Beer writer – Joris Patyn, of the naming of Cuvee Delphine – “It is a public secret that the now king Albert II fathered a daughter outside matrimonial band. The official name of this daughter is Delphine Boël, and her occupation is conceptive ar with papier maché and the like. She’s living to the best of my knowledge somewhere in Notting Hill, and, since the secret was revealed, excells in rather pointy, hardly veiled sneers at the Belgian Royals. Which is hardly surprising, seen the fact that, despite the secret being a secret de Polichinelle, the royals, Albert in particular, keep spasmodically ignoring her existence.   Seen the fact that “Four Roses” didn’t want to recognise the link of their barrels to the beer, the name imposed itself, as Urbain says…   What makes it all the more poignant, is that somebody in the entourage of Mrs. Boël learned about this beer, and condoned graciously the use of the artwork – which, oh subtility, consists of a Belgian flag, written over by “the truth can set you free” (in the language of Shakespeare)…Ratebeer Link

These beers took a great deal of effort to bring to the UK, so much so Colin actually brought them back himself. We are very pleased to be able to make them available.

This case is strictly limited to one per order, as some of the beers are in very very limited supply.

Enjoy these great beers!

2 Black Damnation 13% ABV 33cl

3 Pannepot 10% ABV 33cl
2 Pannepot Reserva 10% ABV 33cl
2 Pannepot Grand Reserva 10% ABV 33cl
3 Rosse 6% ABV 33cl
2 Cuvee Delphine 13% ABV 25cl

1 Beer Geek Breakfast 7.5% ABV 50cl
2 All Others Pale Ale 6% ABV 50cl
1 Mikkeller Belgian Wild Ale 4.5% ABV 33cl
2 Mikkeller Struise 9% ABV 33cl

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