Beer Insanity Trip!

am just setting off to the US, I shall be everywhere.

I’ll be in West Lakeview Liquors, Maproom, Hopleaf, Peice etc, (chicago – friday sat sun – then to munster Indiana via Flosmoor – sunday/monday?) – if anyone wants to join me, please feel free to shout! I’ll be hiring a car and heading over.

I’ll be then heading to “home” to San Fran, I am just looking for flights now. Again, come say hi! I’ll be over in Berkeley/Walnut Creek, until 29/30th. I will be heading to Antioch to Schooners, and Valley. and 21A, RR, and Bear Rep – as one does on a simple vacation.

I’ll bring a bit of beer from IL/IN to CA but, I shall be bringing some junk from the UK, and Belgium.

I am planning this at 3.28am, I leave in 2 hours.


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