july 2010 brewsletter

It’s been hot, hot, hot down here – I really hope that elsewhere in the country has been enjoying such fanstastic weather, the Wimbledon tennis courts look scorched, the local fields around here are full of crops looking like they need harvesting – the weather is belting as a nearby colleague would say… Continue reading

road to europe…


Inspired by the Family Guy episode “Road to Europe” rather than a 1970’s style dream of showing “Johnny Foreigner” how to play the beautiful  game, we’ve opened up to ship to Europe.

So, beermerchants.com is shipping european wide.   Such is the growth in demand for quality beer our little corner of the websiphere has certainly been getting some love..  Our email inboxes certainly get more and more interest from further and further afield.   So, thanks to the Family Guy we’re shipping to Europe.  We’ve started with a few countries, taken from where we have had the most interest from, but if you can’t see your destination, please let us know.   We’ve sent a few parcels already, one to Greece and a few to nearer European nations, before the roll out.  Why? So we had peice of mind that you were going to get your beer in the same state that every UK based customer has come to expect over the last two years… and, we’re pleased to say that it passed the test. So, dear beerlover siting in France, Belgium, Germany, and Norway and Spain, and Italy… you can enjoy the beers that many here have too!

To mark this occasion, we’re offering all you the chance to win a case of beer, shipped anywhere in Europe or the UK, if you can guess the beer and destination of the first European Delivery.   (Only open to people 18 and above!)  Use the comments box for entries.

Beer Dinners and Beer Arrivals

Beer is really getting to the front of peoples minds, knowing where some of the great beers we sell are heading to, and and the communications that we recieve about the beers – post the event – are so encouraging.

The Griffin Inn, are hosting a full tasting dinner with Mikkeller beers as a central theme – and knowing the sheer quality of the food that they present, it should be an incredible evening.

The second interesting thing in beer is a note that great beers are starting to appear on some very interesting restaurant menus – more soon.  The best thing of it is that they are moving away from the Peroni, Budvar, and Kasteel style/genre of beers – toward a far more selected group of beers…  and what’s best, applying them in a right and proper fashion, with selected glassware!

The Beer arrivals: well, hold on to your hats!   We have some particularly special brews that I cannot wait to offer you all!

The newsletter is out, tomorrow, here

I got to brew recently – professionally – you can see the photos here.   The Brew – “Dark Conspiracy” – an American Mild – 5% and kinda hoppy.   The release party is at the Montifore Arms in Ramsgate.    Eddie wrote in his blog – here