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sometimes I sit, try to write a blog  post with Eddie’s jesting in my ears “learn to spell, before you try to write”, about something interesting about beer, at least, but it just never happens.    Sitting writing, even writing a diary, has never come easy.  Over the last few weeks, I have been away in California, hanging with many good friends and drinking good beers –  I have been racking my brains as to write something interesting, telling a tale of amazing beers from far afield like a spice merchant from way back when, but for me it’s the people.  The beers out there are great, events like the SF beer week really does present a show case of amazing beer that is unusually good.   The efforts that those like, Rodger Davis with his Sour and Barrels Festivals need applause… bringing such amazing beers together.

But now I am home.  back to work.   but, my work is fun.  but, I have been working 7 days a week for the last couple of years.  Why 7 days a week?  Continue reading

and, before I forget…

Have a listen to this…

“The Session is back this week and broadcasting from our brand new studio! Tune in to hear the “soft opening” of studio B and welcome a great brewery from across the pond, Brew Dog! Director James Watt and Brewer Martin Dickie join us live from Scotland to talk about their European brewery that is making waves with creatively inspired beers, and a passion for the extreme. We talk about their 200 year old IPA recipe, brewing non-traditional European beers, sending beer on a boat for 8 weeks and collaborating with Stone. And Mitch Steele from Stone joins in to talk about it too! Good stuff for a long awaited UK show.”

Lovibonds at

new at

You’ve heard of barley wine, well Jeff the brewer is calling this a Wheat Wine, what we believe to be the first of its kind in the UK. They took their popular Henley Gold recipe to the extreme by bumping up the wheat. To try and cut the heaviness from that much wheat they added their weight in local honey and fermented with our Henley Gold yeast strain then patiently cold conditioned for 6 months prior to bottling.

Each 75cl bottle is individually numbered and hand dipped in wax.

Tasting note A honey gold sparkle, with a creamy white head. Aroma is rich and sweet of honey and fruit. Medium bodied sweetness with some alcohol warmth and a well-rounded finish.

Technical Detail Original Gravity: 1.088 (21.1 Plato) Final Gravity: 1.033 (8.3 Plato) International Bitterness Units: 34 Colour: 4.7 SRM/Lovibond (9.2 EBC)   –

LINKIE <-click here to got to get it.

tasty tasty beer

tasty tasty beer

Our Barrel Ale and Cool People


Anchor barrel aged, yumminess!

Anchor, february 09!!

Just coming back over the pictures of what has been a fairly hectic three days, 5pm time in the UK, and just gone 9am in the US here in California.    I kinda smashed my 20D canon, dropping it from 15′ up a ladder on to flat concrete wasn’t suc a clever idea; so the best of the pics will soley be from the iPhone.

Spent a hazy evening at the Anchor Brewery – where J Brooks, of the Brookston Beer Bulletin cast the first toast.   Then the bottles were opened by after a great open speach by Fritz himself.    Big magnums of the beer poured to all those clamering to get some.   And nicely done too.    It was a blend of the four beers, Liberty, Fog, Steam, and the Porter, aged in their own barrels – from the distillery.

The speach will be available on a podcast download from The Brewing Network.

I think I uploaded the wrong pic, but what the hell...

Tom Daldorf's Ear.

Justin Crosley of the BN getting the audio of Fritz's "giveaway all the secrets" speech

Fritz Himself

Podcasts: The Brewing Network

Listening to 5 or more guys sitting in their garage, seemingly, drinking beer from a “Urinal” – a Doctor, a DJ, excellent homebrewers, fuelled by their own efforts – sounds like a recipe for disaster.   Especially when they are in Pacheco, near Oakland/Berkeley in the East Bay California – relevant to someone who lives in Kent, England.   But, no, these guys are a really good listen, a source of brewing info, and damn funny to boot!

Over the last 4 years I have listened to them, heard the program grow from being just that above, to one of the best places to hear the brewers themselves present their beers, what’s happening at their breweries, and interestingly address brewing techniques – much like a chef would when talking of cooking.

Downloaded to your generic portable MP3 player, played through the radio in the car, they provide me with hours of entertainment when confronted with the delights of either the M2/M20 or parked on the M25 – or the road to Gent.

Justin, the host, and JP, Doc, Shu (+Shu Lite), Shat, Beevo, et al, provide beer fuelled humour (humor) – as well as growing wealth of knowledge available for download – to all beer lovers.   Obviously centred around homebrewing, but increasingly the news and reviews are interesting too.  In stark contrast to the distance that they are from here in the UK, they are getting more aware of the global scene, even though they are in beervana – San Francisco California!

More and more people I bump into in this wonderful world of beer are listeners, and relate like college guys to the in jokes – sharing the “did you hear it when!?!?” – I will warn you, this isn’t for everyone – caveat emptor – or in their words – suck it!

oh, I am trying the Microsoft Live Writer tool – so if this looks stupid – blame that!