belly button lint

After a busy few weeks, what with the GBBF and all the circus that comes with it, sat here watching the rains that have started coming down, contemplating heading out and doing some angling, waiting for my camera* to come back from the doctors – leaves me with time to put finger tips to black squares and contemplate. Continue reading


intercontinental balistic spheniscidae

When I am driving along the roads and motorways 0f the UK and Europe, my brain trips over many a subject; beer, fishing or what ever BBC worldservice talking about.  Frequently I am writing some amazing content, ehh, again in my mind, arguing with the politician or opinion maker of the moment.   Most time, there is fat chance of actually remembering these amazing words, getting it down on paper, or on to the blog in way that I hoped.     I read many of the blogs out there, that @allbeernews twitter feed keeping me uptodate as much as my brain will handle, as well as many other resources for keep up to date with beer news, some of which inspires me, intimidates me, or just guaranteed to put me to sleep.

I have done a lot of shouting about the qualities that a number of British brewers we have here, for lack of a better term, the premier league, who’d sit along side top Belgian, Danish, Italian, French or the ubiquitous example of US craft beer.    People have mentioned to me, there is one I haven’t written much about, why? possibly because everyone else has or is, whether the love or hate, or when the homework has been done, what’s left to write about. They are exciting active people, where as me? lol.. Continue reading

‘mon the ‘dog

We think you’d want to know about this, we have BrewDog beers!

Nothing I can write will be original, witty with regard to these beers or as much the crazy chaps up the top of these isles – there are so many better orators toward the successes of these guys!

Seemingly you can’t pick up a paper, journal, read a blog, read your tweets without someone mentioning a BrewDog beer. I will add in the short time these guys have been on planet beer they have certainly set a pace of change, interest and new twist on the evolution of great beer in the UK. Congratulations!

They are a brewery that people know of far and wide. Their beers garner plaudits and every release draws great attention. Now available at


you can also hear an interview on a great american homebrew show here, just ignore the english guy.

and, before I forget…

Have a listen to this…

“The Session is back this week and broadcasting from our brand new studio! Tune in to hear the “soft opening” of studio B and welcome a great brewery from across the pond, Brew Dog! Director James Watt and Brewer Martin Dickie join us live from Scotland to talk about their European brewery that is making waves with creatively inspired beers, and a passion for the extreme. We talk about their 200 year old IPA recipe, brewing non-traditional European beers, sending beer on a boat for 8 weeks and collaborating with Stone. And Mitch Steele from Stone joins in to talk about it too! Good stuff for a long awaited UK show.”