july 2010 brewsletter

It’s been hot, hot, hot down here – I really hope that elsewhere in the country has been enjoying such fanstastic weather, the Wimbledon tennis courts look scorched, the local fields around here are full of crops looking like they need harvesting – the weather is belting as a nearby colleague would say… Continue reading

Tokyo for beer?

tokyobeerSomething, reading all the tweets and weblogs about Tokyo reminded me of a meeting with a very nice Japanese chap, in the Cantillon brewery couple of weeks ago.

This prompted a quick google session, looking at the beer scene of Japan.   woweeee….

looks like fun!!

The beer scene is getting massive, I for one can’t wait for an upcoming trip, way out of my normal route to beer, looks like Japan won’t be too far away either.

I wonder if there will come a day when the beer scene will be genuinely too big to keep a handle on what’s happening…?

Lucifer @ Het Anker

from  flickr

from flickr

The Belgian craft brewery Het Anker has come to an agreement to bring  the Lucifer beer back to the beer lover.

According to sources, Het Anker has purchased the production and marketing rights on the brand from Duvel Moorgat.

Lucifer beer first appeared on the market in early 80’s . After the ruin of Leifmans brewery late in 2007 and its takeover by Duvel Moorgat in 2008, the brand seemed to be in for a slow death.

Now, its new owner, Het Anker brewery is looking forward to championing the revival of Lucifer!

Expect to see it back in the UK by early Autumn.