New site.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We feel we have radically improved the layout, design and functionality of this new website with many new features! This will be the first time you’ll see the all new site.

Built from the ground up, the third incarnation of, We’ve gone out and put it all your suggestions in place with the new site.  It’s been a long, big job.   We really wanted to bring something special to the online beer retail world, I really hope you’ll appreciate what we have acheived.    Something simple, clean and easy to find the beers you want, and might like.

Here’s a few new things that I think you’ll appreciate.


We think the best thing is that you can browse by the breweries like Huyghe Brewery, Kernel Brewery and Fruli and more… you can find beers by style and by country at the click of one little icon.

You can now: Add to your wishlist, Review every beer, Buy Cider, Buy Genever, Buy Mixed Cases, Bottled Beers, many many different Beer Glasses for every occasion. View more than 300 products per page, quick search and many more little features.. with more to come…

IN STOCK? OUT OF STOCK? – Now, it’s always fatal to make promises, especially when it comes to technology – but, the new system has full stock control, so if it’s there, available and not saying “out of stock”, it should be there!

WISHLISTS? You can now add all the great beers to a wishlist! Yes, just like Amazon, so you don’t have to keep it in your cart! If you do like to add things to your cart and come back, they have a five day “shelf life”… so you have 5 days to grab what you want!

ALL THE GOOD BITS – Be assured, all the good bits are still there: the favourite Mixed Cases, all the classic Belgian beers, Trappist Beers, but now with a range of awesome German brews and many great beers from the rest of the world! All delivered straight to your door for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, by our normal couriers.

BEER GLASSES – We have added more Glassware! You’ll find a whole load of new shapes, styles and even some older ones that are oh so collectible.

BEER GIFTS – We have extended the range of Gifts slightly into: Gift cases, Soaps, Books and more coming, under the heading “Gifts”.

Registering is even easier on the new site, but you’ll have to re-register on the new site, but it’s now even easier. If you want more info – click here.

We sincerely hope you like it!

New beers are very much easier to add to the site now as well as bring technology improvements over time, we really have to work constantly keeping the site fresh and always offering something new. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time on the new site and we cant wait to grow and improve it further through 2012.

Thanks for reading! Use Twitter? Say hi, @beermerchants. Use facebook to kill time at work? Yes, we’re on there too…

Drink’n the Sun!

Drink’in the Sun is the new summer-beer from Mikkeller. It’s an American wheat-beer with lots of Amarillo hops. Enjoy it directly from the bottle on a hot and sunny summer day.  A real left field brew from Mikkeller, light, summery and refreshing! its so refreshing and is precisely what it says – a summer beer. It pours a light golden with a nice white top that has a foamy character. The nose is pretty hoppy with sweet undertones of citrus fruits. The taste is mild with a pretty sharp bitterness in the finish. The palate is medium with a creamy touch. Taste of hops, soaps, grapefruits and fresh (green) nuts. This brew is much different from most things ive had before… bring a box and some ice to the park… very drinkable...

Get it here

and, whilst we’re on the same subject….

This is a joint adventure between Three Floyds in Munster Indiana & Mikkeller in Copenhagen, Denmark an Oat Wine sold in 22 oz bottles only and brewed and bottled at Three Floyds

Pours a deep golden colour with a small white head. Has a malty hoppy grapefruit aroma. Fruity malty warming caramel and hoppy flavor with some hints of oat. Has a sweetish malty hoppy bitter finish with some hints of caramel.

get that beer, here!

Beer Dinners and Beer Arrivals

Beer is really getting to the front of peoples minds, knowing where some of the great beers we sell are heading to, and and the communications that we recieve about the beers – post the event – are so encouraging.

The Griffin Inn, are hosting a full tasting dinner with Mikkeller beers as a central theme – and knowing the sheer quality of the food that they present, it should be an incredible evening.

The second interesting thing in beer is a note that great beers are starting to appear on some very interesting restaurant menus – more soon.  The best thing of it is that they are moving away from the Peroni, Budvar, and Kasteel style/genre of beers – toward a far more selected group of beers…  and what’s best, applying them in a right and proper fashion, with selected glassware!

The Beer arrivals: well, hold on to your hats!   We have some particularly special brews that I cannot wait to offer you all!

The newsletter is out, tomorrow, here

I got to brew recently – professionally – you can see the photos here.   The Brew – “Dark Conspiracy” – an American Mild – 5% and kinda hoppy.   The release party is at the Montifore Arms in Ramsgate.    Eddie wrote in his blog – here