The closest thing to free beer!

freebeerYou’ll have probably noticed the lack of newsletter this month, well past month, considering it’s now September…

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed the changes that have been coming thick and fast.   Well, we’ve been migrating quite a few things to larger technologies to best deliver performance for you the beer lover, rather than the technojunky!   As such, we, I, um, kinda, fried something... anyway, details schmetails… YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE, again… This will be the, one of a few but really the best, ways to really keep up to date with the new beers, beer information, and all the other fun things that we works so hard to bring to this newsletter.

Funny, looking back over the 18 or so editions it’s been a fun learning curve.  Just a shame that I hit delete, rather than save!?

I am always open to beer information, events, etc, just please email me in good time to get it on the email.