Homebrewing, thanks and things.

Wow, what a weekend.   This is a Monday ramble.   Mobile phone switched off.

Saturday, whilst I was brewing, I have my laptop around for many reasons.   1, Promash.  2, The Brewing Network. 3, WebRadio.  4, Watching what’s going on on BEERmerchants.com

OK, so the brewing was a nice batch of a “Bright Blond”.  Oxymoron?  none intended.   My brew-buddy was gallivanting around the Low Countries – Even so I fancied brewing.   I had a batch to run to keg; yes dear cask lover – KEG!  I have cask in my heart, but as you well know the shelf life of a cask of ale when opened is 3-4 days at best for ordinary drinking bitter – not that I make anything “ordinary”.  The beauty, more so the practicality is that with a 19L Cornelius keg you can run your batch into it, after primary, secondary, racking to tank (with a load of dry hop) and pop some C02 in the keg and it’s good to go for a good while.  With a few kegs, as I have you can swap between the Toasted Oatmeal Stout, The Wantsum Perle, the Bonkers Barley Wine, and crazy Coffee Stout that you brewed for a laugh.  A quick run through with water and you can swap the kegs quickly, and to what ever takes ones fancy.    Yes, this is still home brew, but as a once “professional”… (read, “I know how to clean“) – friends and worse, family are frequent house guests…. I don’t know why?

Home brewing is great fun, starting back when I did as a student with the once-time batch of Malt Extract and nasty yellow “fuggles” – they could have been anything, then dumped at the deep end in a little brew-pub, was a crash course in cleaning and very little in brewing.    Recent returns back to the fold of brewer have put a smile back on my face – reigniting that burn of desire to get back an have a go.    Throwing recent efforts under the noses of lumiary brewers has been an experience, note learning curve.    I’d much rather take the subtle but harsh advice of them though than piss-artist neighbours just out for the buzz.

Brewing in recent weeks has come on leaps and bounds, culminating in the nailing of a particularly irritating and nagging water issue. This was the “Learning/Reminding myself” that water company’s have the liberty to change the chemistry of the water allll to frequently.    Solved with a little help from here by installing Reverse Osmosis might seem extreme, but considering you can write on a chalkboard with the water locally, might give you a clue to the reason why.

I am finally feeling like I am getting close to what I have brewed at times.    The pleasure in creating the brew that became “Dark Conspiracy” at Eddie Gadds brewery – sharing the experience with good friends,  and seeing them laughing and joking on the release night was pleasure by the truck load – then seeing comment on the excellent Pubs and Beer Websitehere – a neat experience and insight into the world of a brewer.

This is what beer’s about: the social lubricant.  Where I read that, I don’t know, but the years of traveling around beer and the people that I have the fortune to spend time with – and then reading it in the recent edition BeerAdvocate magazine, “beer is a democratic beverage” – yes it is.  and, I for one hope it stays that way.

Where this ramble started and ended, I have no idea why, or how.   Except I wanted to say thanks to all that bought the new Cantillon, the Drie Fontein, De Dolle, and the Dupont.  Then went to light my inbox up with “when is the Port Brewing/Lost Abbey? in?”, “Is it True?” and “can I order one of everything please!”

When, 1st week December, yes it is, and yes you can, but when it’s on the site.

Thank you so much!

Then a 11.30am meeting on Sunday in London with Mr Evans and Beckett, for Battle of the Brains, yes the BBC two show.  Well, fun it was.  Save for the taps in the loo and the message watch out for the high water pressure, ON THE BACK OF THE DOOR!?  after one had liberally doused the area that a man shouldn’t.  Clever huh!

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