Missing Beers…. and Thanks!

Some time back, about a month, there were a number of beers added to the portfolio, they are being added as I type. Beers like Little Creatures, Bath Ales, WyeValley, Modelo, Beer Lao, Flying Dog,…  will feature in the coming weeks.  Coopers, Iki, and many more.

And, even more exciting times ahead…..  Thanks to all that have helped get Beermerchants.com to where it is now… and onwards and upwards!   Thanks to Maeib, the Reluctant Scooper, and specially all the customers who have found their way to the website!

On the Way!

Boon Gueuze!

The sign of things to come?

Funky Cantillon’s on the way, Drie Fontein on the way, De Ranke on the way, DeDolle on the way, and a few more too!

That’s not to mention, Bath Ales, Wye Valley, Little Creatures, Flying Dog, etc etc etc being available on the site as I type.

I think we’re offering 200 plus bottles now! pretty coool huh.