New Wholesale site!

cave_website_imageWe’re pleased to announce the release of our new website – CaveDirect Resources.  Designed with the wholesale customer in mind, specialist Bars, restaurants and Retailers in London and the south-east area where we deliver five days a week.  Our new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about our latest products and services.  Additionally, our new site will also provide support and information to answer our customer’s most common questions, tasting notes and anything else we can think of.   (We are building this site at the moment, putting content, changing it, deleting, moving pages… etc etc…)

We’ve even gone to the effort of creating a twitter account for express updates, instant news and everything else twitter facilitates. (follow us here)

Cave Direct also supply specialist Bars, restaurants and Retailers in London and the south-east area five days a week. If your outlet is within this geographical area and you would like us to quote for supply of any of the beers on this site then please contact our office through the website. Many of these beers are also available on draught. Click on Contact Us and Fill in the Enquiry form.

Alternatively you can call our office on 01622 710 339 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or e-mail and head your e-mail Trade Enquiry. Click here to go to our dedicated trade website.

The Coastguard – St.Margarets link

The Coast Guard – Between the bottom of the hill and the deep blue sea

The beerlist has changed again –  featuring beers like Mikkeller,  Nils Oscar, various Belgian Ales and many cask ales. A great view of France -and a very friendly tabby cat to greet you!

This is one of the best times to get to the Coastguard and enjoy the cheeses, and scenery.

Something Special about Cavedirect &

Something that we actually try to do, rather than just in the name of “research”, all too easy to do… is that we actually go and spend time at the breweries, with the brewers, trying to understand what they are doing.

To highlight this, or better still to give example – there is a film called “Smart People”, I think I saw it on a plane this year.  Anyway, there is one line that says – “to really understand a great writer, one must truely understand the languaege that is being used“.   I am no literary major, but I took from that with application to beer and brewing – “…one must truely understand it’s (the beer, and brewers) origin”.

So much so, that this year, as a company – we have visted many breweries, spent a great deal of time with the brewers, rather than the sales/marketing people.   (see here –  Belgium.)

Is that a philosophy – that to best present a beer, one must really know the beers origins – are we getting to into it?   It’s understood that beer is intrinsically linked to society through government, taxations, and climate, and geography. So, surely to see the origins, and the local environment is a clearer indicator of what the beer is about, rather than…. the label or the Marketing?

or is that the bleeding obvious?

New Website – Wholesale Beer

For those who need trade information – wholesale products –  try here

We have started a small website to highlight the founding big brother of   So, if you’re looking at opening a specialist beer bar, changing away from strange world lagers, or just adding to your winelist with some amazing brews – try this.