There’s a beer for that … an improvement


Even with blogging deaderer than the zombie apocalypse, for those of you watching Downton Abbey last night (not me), you may have seen this advert from the revitalised Let there be beer campaign Britain’s Beer Alliance.    Definitely an improvement on the last efforts by the Let there be beer attempts.   Guess that’s what happens when you engage Pete Brown and a decent movie director?  (obvs there is more to it than that… “Along with representatives from CAMRA and the big brewers“)

Anyway, it’s busy here.   It’s better than the guff with the guy off Saturday football telebox.

you can read more at the Britain’s Beer Alliance website here:



Prost German Cheers



We’ve been offering the Prost! case for some time now – a consistently popular case, covering many bases of German beer. We’ve improved it one step again, incorporating the world class beers from Mahrs and Fassla. We’ve found more specialist German beer glasses. [read more here]

Thank you!

as always, thank you for reading, and enjoying great beer!

Barley wine

Some pics


link to SF Chronicle Article

Dave Mclean of the excellent Magnolia on the Upper Haight

breathing space among chaos - ordered chaos tho - at the Barley Wine Fest, Toronado

55 (56) Barley wines @ $2/ 2 oz.... amazing!

Vinne and Arnie ( Russian River and Marin) hiding at the Peacock Lounge

very cool street art, on a man way on the street


I wish to say a big thank you for the greatest of service, as today i took delivery of my order, of which I was amazed to see as did not expect ’till friday at the earliest, my congratulations to all conerned, all arrived safely.

Many thanks


These sort of messages are the ones we love to read! Thanks so much!