A Customer Review…

We’re not big into the whole reviews mechanisms that people are constantly trying to sell us; I wonder how easily they are manipulated, or just give space for the disgruntled to threaten?  (Please add your thoughts in the comments)

But when you get notes like this, not uncommon, but incredibly valuable to us – to our team, so we know what we’re doing is correct and valuable to the you the customer. 

I have to write to thank you for the lovely glass, and also for the wicked service that you and everyone in beer HQ deliver to your customers.

I know I haven’t had vast quantities of things from you….In fact I’m just a little itty bitty customer, but the service has been second to none. This makes you an unusually special company in today’s “your not buying a thousand units a year, we don’t care” culture. You DO care.

A few little, but hyper important points make you stand out as a firm I always harp on about to my beer friends, both here and on the other side of this rock.

Firstly, you communicate every step of the way. You’d be amazed how many seemingly wonderful companies haven’t got the idea that We Pain in the butt customers like a confirmation mail or two :). With you, we get tracking, email replies… It’s communication heaven.

Secondly, your packing is mail zombie proof…. In fact, I believe your packing would even survive a mail trip to Brazil and handling by the evil agents of the baggage handling confederation…. The true dark side of parcel and luggage stomping! Boot marks and scuffs galore… Even a van? tyre mark on my suitcase once! (They also like to steal chocolate from cases which is a little sad as well as weird).

I’m going back to the land of Brazil at the end of the week, but I’ll look forward to ordering more goodies on my return. Give everyone there a big “Cheers” and a few beers if there are spares 😀

Many thanks… And a very Merry Christmas to all, A happy customer 🙂

thanks to all and everyone for an amazing festive run up!

from all the team at Beermerchants.com

PS: Discounts, promo’s and third party websites

and regards, Discounts, promo’s and third party websites: We send out a Brewsletter, monthly, with all the latest beers, special offers and bargains. We don’t do promo-codes, links from “savings sites” so all and every one knows exactly what they are paying, every time. Also, please don’t trust any Savings, Groupon, promotional websites we may be listed on, as we cannot guarantee the nature or quality of information provided. So, if you want to save on beer, know what’s new in here at Beermerchants.com don’t hang about, register and win! read more here