Are you a brewer?

Are you a brewer, brewery or do you know a brewery that deserves more attention?

Since we’ve started, way back in 2005, we’ve always tried give great attention to the ebb and flow of the developments of this wonderful world of contemporary beer today.    But, as we’ve got busier and busier it’s harder to keep an eye on what’s happening – no matter how much time you sit and watch the twittersphere…

Of course we get sent samples, but we’ve always worked hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, making sure that just any ol’ or new beer lands on our website.    Having something of an awareness of brewing and worked with some of the best in the game, they have instilled in us, what it takes to be “just good beer”.

Now, here’s the nub, I know a fair few of you who read this are brewers, work at breweries or are just really big fans of your local brewery.     What we’re asking is, if you think your beer is excellent, get in touch!   If you’re a friend of a brewery, make sure they’re aware of this, we’re always looking… and if you think there are beers “missing” from our site, let us know too!   Tweet us, drop a note/link on Facebook or email us!