Belgian Beer Fete

Belgian  Beer Fete



The Dovetail on Tuesday 17th 2012 July and at

The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen on 18th July 2012

Prize Draw on Belgian National Day Saturday 21 July

Why do we want to do it?

We love the products we sell; our collection of Belgian beers is the finest available in the UK. We stock over 101 bottle Belgian Beers with 14 on draught at The Dovetail and 12 on draught at The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen. We want to help our customers to learn to love our different beers as much as we do. In the funnest manner possible we want to educate our customers to understand the taste and range of styles available and how to pair the different styles with our delicious food.

Belgian Beer Fete

So following on from the huge success and popularity of our previous Belgian Beer fetes Dove Pubs in association with Cave Direct, the specialist beer importer, are delighted to announce two events on 17th and 18th July at the Dovetail in Clerkenwell and The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen in Broadway Market, Hackney.

Win a trip for Two to the home of the Delirium Brewery Ghent

On a run up to the two big days there is an opportunity to win the star prize and a chance for those who cannot attend on the days to win. For one lucky pair we have teamed up with the lovely people from Huyghe Brewery to offer a trip on Eurostar to Ghent on 14/15th of September 2012 staying in a four star hotel, with a private tour of the Delirium brewery on Friday afternoon. From 1st July to 20th July on the purchase of any Delirium; Tremens, Nocturnum or Red entrants will be given a Dove card and will be directed to our website to enter into the draw which will take place on Belgian National Day 21st July

What happens at Fete?

On 17th the whole of the Dovetail will be taken over and on 18th the dining rooms of The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen with decorated market stalls and will feature the following:

Exotic Beer Stall

Manned by Jan Fleurkens of the Mongozo Brewery

Featuring the wonderful Fair-trade and organic beers of the Mongozo brewery.

Old beer-making traditions and new brewing methods have been combined by Mongozo to produce new and exotic beers. At The Dove we stock: coconut, banana and mango along with the Award winning Pilsner the first gluten free organic and fair trade beer. Ingredients, recipes and drinking customs from all corners of the world, including Ghana, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Brazil, are brought together in the different flavours of Mongozo beer. The exotic fruit beers and the pilsner beer are entitled to display the Max Havelaar–Fairtrade logo. Max Havelaar is the independent certification organisation behind the Fairtrade Mark. Fairtrade means just that: a fair trade. This means that Mongozo uses ingredients purchased from farmers in developing countries for a fair price. This enables the farmers and their families to take control of their businesses and to work towards a brighter future. More information can also be found at:

Trappist Beer Stall

Manned by Alain De Loecker from the Westmalle Trappist Brewery

Out of all the beers in the world, only seven of them can use the name ‘Trappist’: Achel, Chimay, La Trappe, Orval, Rochefort, Westvleteren and Westmalle. You can recognize them from the “Authentic Trappist Product” logo. A Trappist beer is only given this name if it satisfies a number of strict criteria: the beer is brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by the monks themselves or under their supervision, The brewery must be controlled by the monastery and have a business culture compatible with the monastic project and the purpose of the brewery is not to make a profit. The income takes care of the livelihood of the monks and the upkeep of the abbey site. What is left over is used for charitable purposes, social work and people in need. The Trappist breweries produce beers of an impeccable quality that is permanently controlled. Westmalle Trappist contains 100% natural ingredients.

Draught Beer Stall

Featuring Bruges Zot and Bruges Zot Bruin

Since 1856, six generations of the same family have steered the brewery with one single goal in mind: offer superior beer both in quality and in taste while respecting the traditional brewery art. The De Halve Mann (Half Moon) brewery is the only remaining brewery to make beer in Bruges.

The legend behind Brugse Zot (silver award winner at BISA Bira Tel Aviv 2011) was to welcome Maximilian of Austria to their proud town. The people of Bruges organised a colourful parade of merrymakers and fools. When they asked him at the end of the day to provide money for a new madhouse he replied: ‘Today I have seen nothing but fools. Bruges is already one large madhouse!’ Since then the people of Bruges are called ‘Brugse Zotten’ (fools of Bruges). Hence the brewery uses the symbol of a jester. A darker version of the town beer Bruges Zot Dubbel (gold award winner at BISA Bira Tel Aviv 2011) has been created. It is brewed with 6 special kinds of malt, which give the beer a rich taste. The world renowned Czech Saaz hop from Zatec has been chosen to give the beer this unique bitter note. Brugse Zot double is a full and stronger beer, highly appreciated by the beer lovers.

West Flanders Beer Stall

A collection of beers to showcase the different styles of excellent beers from the region; wit, sour red, gueuze, rose beer, amber beer, dark beer, strong blonde and triple.

The Dove Food Stall

Food to pair with the beers will be available from The Dove Food stall. All our food is made with fresh, tasty ingredients on the premises. Specialist products will be available such as Westmalle cheese – not readily available in the UK.

Staff from the breweries, The Dove and Cave Direct will be on hand to talk and answer questions about the breweries, the history of the brewing processes, the production processes and tasting suggestions and notes.

Finer Details

We do not charge for this event. We ask all participants to make a minimum £10.00 contribution to our local charity, St Joseph’s Hospice whose excellent work has helped and continues to help terminally ill patients in East London for over 100 years,

Booking in advance is not required and entry will be on a first come first served basis.

On entering the market you will “buy” a book of coupons for beer and food, the customer chooses which products they would like to use the coupons on. Each customer will also receive a raffle ticket for entry into the tombola prizes. There will be a cornucopia of Belgian beer goodies to give away to the lucky winners.