beer: a cure for the common cold

I bloody hate colds.   I know, in reality, not many people do, but I really hate being ill.

So, here’s my thinking,  Beer is the cure for the common cold.   Why? Because, if you’re like me, being offered Paracetamol and caffiene laced juice with more sacharine in them than nasty pop – leaving you with a mouth that makes you want to talk like those damn Meerkats.

What to cure yourself with?    Sitting here, drinking poke-your-eye-out hoppy IPA‘s really do hit the spot.   Not so much that you might normally recoil at the hoppiness, but I can actually taste them.   Washing down IPA’s with Jewish chicken soup, is a great combo.   I think IPA’s when you’re ikky, can rejuvenate you back to a state of health equivalent to Ron Jeremy in his prime.

Ok, so what if it’s not the actual cure,  for man-flu?   Who cares?     Watching child-hood reruns on Gold, a spot of Rugby and a bit of footie and some cricket, a case of IPA’s and a do not move order, on the eve of heavy snow fall, doesn’t suck.

have you got any beer-y excuse days?


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