What an amazing time we live in…

Beer is amazing right now…

Call me a hippy, bleeding heart liberal or something silly… But hell, beer is bloody amazing right now.

Excusing all the inane politicks that are really tarnishing what I fell in love with, just simply great beer. I suggest reading Simon Johnsons excellent “see ya…” blog post to best sum this up.

Maybe I walk in a fortunate path, that good to genuinely world class beer isn’t out of reach. But, what I can say is that I am locally closer to world class beer than I ever have been.

It may sound bizarre that someone who sells beers imported from far afield on their quality and flavor merits, should champion the awesome flavors achieved by brewers on these fair shores.

Yes, I have been filling my belly with German brewed Pils, Helles and Wheats, but the top fermented stuff (excusing the prior wheat beers) have all come from these shores. Windsor and Eton Knot, BrewWharf Pale ales, and Kernel Brewery Saison have been sincere highlights.

I used to long for flavours of hoppiness from Drakes, Russian River and ballast point – but, really the chances taken by brewers here really satiate those desires.

Big Brick, Conqueror, London Brick, trinity, kernel black IPA, northern star, illusion, are: As good as you’ll get in California.

Recently the saisons from DarkStar, Kernel and BrewWharf [There’s a theme there ;-)] have proved that we can also knock out near European styles with innovative grace.

Brand this as craft brewing or what ever, but sure as, with time added, we’re in the time of our lives when it comes to great beer, and the access we can get to these flavors. Chuck into the mix the bakers, cheese makers and the “grape-pressers” folk, all on these shores – what a wonderful time.


3 thoughts on “What an amazing time we live in…

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Never been a better time to be a beer geek, and with the rising number of UK small / micro / craft / specialist breweries, the future’s looking very good indeed.

  2. I agree. A pity I don’t get over as often as I’d like, the Dark Star Saison is a great excample of what’s on offer. And the Kernel beers? Awesome!

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