Why I Homebrew…

why I Homebrew… Surely someone with massive quantities of beer available to them really need not make their own?

Do I do it because I am cheap? Hell no…

Do I do it out of some hippy ideals? Kinda.

Do I do it out of curiosity? Probably!

Do I do it to get shit faced on the cheap? See q1.

Do I try and make beers that I have had commercially? Yes.

Do I enjoy the process or the product? Both.

Do you drink it all yourself? Rarely, but I try.

Do you make mistakes? Rarely, but I do.

Do I have accidents? Yes, some happy, some painful.

Do you throw away bad batches: always.

Does it hurt? Yes. (to above)

Do you make too much beer? Sometimes…

Got any more reasons… Would love to read them…

2 thoughts on “Why I Homebrew…

  1. Because I really want to know what happens if…

    Because I love to hear the friendly reassuring ‘bloop’ of an airlock of an evening.

    Because all kids like mucking about with hosepipes and water.

    Because sometimes it turns out great, and those times make up for all the ‘interesting’ times.

  2. I got into homebrewing because warm fermented beers are rarer than hen’s teeth in the Czech Republic. Now that I live in the States I want to brew pilsners. I homebrew to get what is not readily accessible commercially.

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