Beer & The Royal Wedding

I trust someone is doing some digging to find out just which person decided that there shall be no beer, or equally insulting, no English Sparkling wines (better than many if not most champers, darhling) at the up coming Royal Wedding.

Without wishing to highlight the cost to the public purse, which I am accepting as it certainly brings the international spotlight to these lovely isles, but when the light is shone, I would however wish for UK produce to be showcased…

I wonder what his dad has to say about this!??

english beer



1 thought on “Beer & The Royal Wedding

  1. “English Sparkling wines (better than many if not most champers, darhling)”

    Don’t know about that. There are certainly some English varieties better than the likes of Moet and Heidsieck, but the number of mostly unknown, high-quality Champagnes I tried while working at Oddbins was ridiculous.

    Otherwise I can’t say I care about what’s served at the wedding, it being little more than an accompanying theatre piece for collectors of tacky memorabilia.

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