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Sat in a bar, just any old bar in Amsterdam, the iconic Heineken and it’s derivatives or stable fellows pour in volume. Pint glasses, steins and flutes drunk by those whose nations prefer those individual silicate beer carriers; and in much the same fashion as they would home.

The diverse accents and languages seemingly drowning out the local throaty tones, percolated by “luk ad daaat, in’it cuuuute” american, or any nation about the borders. The number of brits, presumably finding their way, or refinding it or perhaps losing it completely brought unusual conversations to my ears.

Viewing over a map, the hemp museum, the sex museum
and the erotik musee, as much the perfume of the cousin give impression of a debauched city. I guess the number of stag team shirts that greeted us on our exit from the train station, must have had a similar impression. I hope they found their nirvana under the delicate and flattering hues of a red light bulb.

For me, it started with frites and Samurai sauce. Tick.

A flat town, the canals make for a nice easy to follow map. The beery bars and specialist outlets are convenient for the station. I would however suggest saving your monies and stick to the Dutch.

Searching beyond the big red star, the beer shops, the bars etc:

Arendsnest provides canal side drinking, 30 taps of solely Dutch brews (although a somewhat stray tap of Westmalle Dubbel was on) – recommended by Chris O. We sampled brews from Jopen, Hertog Jan, Amadus, De Prael and a couple of others, and nom’d on a nice lump of sweet caramelly Sheeps cheese. The bottle shops, I can’t for elegance reasons best comment.

If you’re into gardening, the tulips at the flower market as well as the various other bits, buying a Calla, for £3.00.

If you’re into another sort of greenery, follow your nose. You’ll not be far.

En route to Amsterdam, we passed thru Boedegraven, the home of the De Molen brewery. If I may, I will say since then, it was down the mountain rather than up, with regards to beer. hell and verdominis, lecker.

would I go to Amsterdam for beer? Probably not. Would I go for the mad, casual and mixed up vibe, probably. If I were to suggest to those mad ‘dogs where to open a bar soon, go there!!

Pretty place about the canals. Will head back.


4 thoughts on “Amsterdam & Beer

  1. No visit to the recently-opened Beer Temple then? Supposed to be rather nifty.

    • Eamonn,

      I wanted to try Dutch brews, I have a flyer for the Beer Temple, but we wanted just a couple of beers, and we had to be sensible. I will be back in NL in November, so might pop in then.

      • Yeah, that’s actually a much wiser route to take with limited time.
        Mmmmmmmmmmm…De Molen – colour me green with envy.

  2. There are lots of good beer bars in Amsterdam, so I would easily go there for beer. And it would be a great place for a BrewDog bar, too. Not to mention a De Molen tap!

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