kernel brewery and the bigger picture.

A little ramble.

Beer… kernel brewery. What’s left to be said. Awesome beer? Done that. Evin is a cool chap? You know that. we’ve got more in, and more to come on line this week, news of sorts.

Quite honestly, having just seen Evin for a coffee, (now testing the capabilities of blogging from my phone, could be revolutionary, or not), I realised it’s been nearly two years since we met for the first time, thru @alsothings (Ben Fields. Good Homebrewer, btw) – it’s great to see a brewery really take traction and grow despite all the BS that government and society throws at the beer industry.

Once being in a brewhouse that recently won a bunch of awards, not to far from Kernel, we have spent a long time gnawing on the bone that is contemporary “craft” brewing, and having just had a rather cool trip up the west coast of the US, sampling the odd beer, here and there… I am starting to wonder if actually we have (the UK) one of the best beer scenes in the world… Genuinely so. Not some media hyped Bs.

For those of us that think there is too much ordinary brown beer? Tbh, don’t worry. There is too much industrial low end “lager”, yes. (There is also some fair to good lager about, Vedett, Cristal and even one of my all time faves Augustiner Helles) but, the interesting and interest in that interesting stuff is getting more and more, better and better…

So, for all the moguls that various outside entities throw at us, call it a little bit “triumph against adversity” – I think As a whole we’re (the angle most of us work from) is going well… Keep it up. Hopefully we’ll see more success akin to Evin’s and others in due course…

I just hope that the government will see sense and leave us alone for a good few years. I also expect hell to freeze over.

Meandery ramble over. thoughts please…

Ps: Buy Kernel Beer online here.


1 thought on “kernel brewery and the bigger picture.

  1. It’s difficult for someone like myself to put all this in context sometimes. I’m in a fortunate position to have only ever been interested in good beer when its prevalence is on the increase. Something that’s out of my control, but something that I do recognise and understand.

    That being said, even as an avid advocate of good beer, the seemingly endless number of craft beer bar openings, beer events and new breweries is bloody exciting stuff. For those close to London, you’re a stone’s throw away from a number of world class bars and breweries. There’s a mix of contemporary (Euston Tap, Cask) and traditional (Wenlock, Old Fountain, Sam Smiths etc) and a new sense of unity and community among the city’s brewers. We might be looking to places like the US for inspiration, but we’re melding it with things that we’ve always done well and the result must surely be a beer “scene” that’s comparable with that of any other city in the world!

    A Friday night in The Rake to celebrate a new beer launch with the brewer, surrounded by people that love and enthuse about good beer. Saturday in the Euston Tap drinking world class beer from Denmark, Europe and the US. Sunday in The White Horse for cask Harvey’s and a roast; then Monday night for an LAB meeting – a homebrewers group that goes from strength to strength. Where else can you do that but in the UK and in London?

    Love it!


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