Thornbridge Italia

Over the weekend, Italy gave me things to smile about. 

Rugby and beer. Yes, those things that you naturally think of when you think of, Italy.

So, the beer is from Derby, well, Bakewell and the Italian team seem to have a few Aussies and Argentinians too…  But, I’ll look over that.

Collaborative beers are, to my mind something special, reflecting the team work, joint effort and sharing the cumulative success of their, the brewers efforts.       I happen to love both breweries, so when I heard they were collaborating a while back, I really looked forward to tasting this.   Sneaky testers with CV at Thornbridge, proved to be a winner.     Yes, I am a lager lover, the hop forward, schronam, tipopils, rothaus types… I really hoped for this to be of the same mould, and oh yes it is…

So, if you’re looking for this delectable, best served cool to cold, pilsner – Thornbridge Italia, then look no further, it’s at!