why I like bad beer…?

I recently was party to a conversation about “bad photography” – If it requires more effort to consume, many will not bother with it. Think about a story crammed with words you don’t recognize. Taking the time to look those words up in a dictionary adds considerable effort. And, if you consider spending your free time developing your taste for finely crafted prose, you really need to be committed on another level to make that kind of investment. The same applies to beer. Developing your taste is no different than appreciating great literature, food or wine. You need to experience and study it to gain understanding.

To provide opportunities for everyday people to expand and improve their beer tastes without making them feel like they are being sold something they have no use for at a price they do not wish to pay.  Long may there be accessible beer, for people to get a toe hold into the world of beer…


One thought on “why I like bad beer…?

  1. You would never appreciate a “good beer” if there were no “bad beers” to try. I often have crap beers, just to remind me of how great others are.

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