Fruli beer – that famous strawberry beer!

Fruli BeerThere are a few beers on our online beer shop we sell as much as, like Fruli,    The Strawberry beer that many think that is everywhere, the oh so pervasive “sweet fruit beer”…  Well it may just be soon, everywhere…

Looking at their site, it’s available in the USA, Canada and all over Europe.  Kinda cool.    Knowing how hard it is to develop a beer and get it out there,  Fruli has something going on…

Fruli beer is strawberry Bottled, with beer.

For all the chatter about beers that attain cult status, this little fruit beer has just kept ticking along, people have built fan sites, many have facebook profile pictures of Fruli bottles and glassware.     It’s actually kinda scary the fanfare that is levied on to Fruli, for what is a simple strawberry + wheat beer beverage.        I tend to keep an eye on what’s happening around the web, not only in the beer geeky worlds, but what every day people are buying… and Fruli is really interesting – a facebook following, twitter and a new neat website… “the official website of Fruli beer” –   I know it’s not hardcore beer geek material, but, I kinda like it’s kitsch, quirkiness with it’s uber-passionate followers.

I say, carry on.

Oh, if you’re looking for Buy Fruli Online, well, here’s a link to our site.