London Brick

London Brick, the beer!

When you walk into a brewery and see some of Britain’s finest brewing minds and people, the best of them just making the coffee and debating the merits of A blue ribband bar over a breakaway – you know you’re in a special moment.     The fine people behind the Evening Star Brighton, with their parent brewery, Dark Star – over at the ever so hospitable Redemption Brewery, along with brewing friends from Kernel Brewery, Zerodegrees and BrewWharf (who I am greatful for the tip for!)   I scurried up there to make sure that Beermerchants gets some of this, probably, delish brew.    I gather it’s a Red/Amber Rye, with some 28% of the grist being rye, hopped with classic Centennial and Cascade, the a mahooooooosive dry hop of Simcoe, and a weighty 6% abv.    I believe there were only 10 brewers barrels made of this, but, it actually received an 18kg hop charge. Hop Heads, stand by your beds…     In fact I think the brewers themselves are more excited to try this slice of craziness… Andy “2”, said it’s “well smelly”, that the huge hit of Simcoe, over the massive amounts of Centennial, will be a fruity/piney bomb.      The rye malt, apparently, will leave a lingering spiciness.

This beer is one to look out for! It’s coming to beermerchants, via the Kernel brewery, but first it will be available at the excellent Brighton Beer fest & Evening Star. – DO NOT MISS OUT!   If you want to read more about this beer, I suggest picking up on Mark Tranter’s Blog at The DarkStar brewery website.