recent changes in my life, alluded, but not expressly indicated by the completely naff clip art above, has reminded me the fun that can be had with just drinking a beer, with out too much dwelling on the material in hand.

Rodenbach Grand Cru features often, as does the delight in ice cold Moritz 33’s from the fridge.     The great thing about having someone to share with has been different insight, and a bungee cord call back from the brink of beer geekery.

Funnily enough, I have just been reminded of a quotable “don’t think, just drink”… as much as that sounds a bit like a crass statement for a blurry following day, I do wonder how much the over intelectualisation of beer can impinge on the simple, relaxing pleasure of the beer that is in our hand, but to dwell on it further than acknowledging it’s existence, is falling into that very same trap.

75cls, couple of glasses and good company, works very well over these snowy moments.

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