West Country Ales

West Country Gold

moments where the pints, great as they are just blur into one great moment.

a recent “offline” time, vanishing down into the west country… flexing the photographic muscle again, now I have my number one toy back, beer wasn’t the must do on this occasion.   Yes, like many who read this blog, the very many of you, work, live, love and breath beer every day… but there are times when I have to step away from the coal face and just well, go offline.

but, I did bump into a couple of nice pints, when time allowed.

Southern Star. Quite simply one of the best beers that I have had this year.     The beer that I drank most of, over the time away.      I guess though, being a friend of the brewer, I am unlikely to dismiss this, or equally Justin would kill me if I was overly polite about his efforts.      Sitting on a couple of occasions, notably in the Half Way House, another favourite pub, big open fires, great company and good bites on the table, makes for an experience way beyond the beer…   Numerous pints of this were drunk, with little difficulty.   Fruity, bright, great mid pallet maltiness and oh so clean on the nose.  IPA. After a long drive, if you’re anything like me, a beer does hit the spot.    A coastal view, good food and decent beer helps to make a nice spot.   Even being so close to the sea here, it’s still nice to see further round the coast line, the different sea colours always draw comment.

The place: Isle of Purbeck Brewery, at the Bankes Arms.    Pack your walking boots, a camera and get going… so much to see, and do…  a magic spot.   And the beer, pretty good stuff.