Some like tea, some like coffee.  

I love coffee.  Not your teaspoon, hotwater and stir shit.    I mean the good stuff.  Nor is it those mixed “coffee” drinks, Ghetto Lattes or a “pump of this shit please” stylee.   I am talking about single origin, microparcel, super high quality coffees – displaying character, nuance and terroir.

Apparently the Mormons hate it.  all too often we British serve it too weak.       There is a whole world out there of flavour to be enjoyed.      Following a conversation with Sean Ayling, which would I give up, coffee or beer – beer would go.   I love beer, yes. I love coffee, too. I love wine, as well. but, something coffee has a hold over me.

The differences between beans, origins and the ability of roasters to fine tune the flavours – thru to your  “barista” serving you.      I prefer my coffee very simple, drip black.    One of those ceramic filter cones, a paper filter and a few scoops of freshly ground really great coffee.   Much like brewers, I filter my water before boiling, makes for a rounder cup of coffee.

Coffee spots such as Pacific Bay, Four Barrel, Intelligensia, Stumptown, Blue Bottle, Monmouth,  Square Mile thru to amazing on-line stores like Hasbean – have been fueling me for a good few years.   Every time I have been to a beer destination, the second search on google has been for a coffee roasters/bar in the town.      I have yet to be disappointed.       The passions that many in the beer trade offer up, are replicated thru these places – albeit at a higher tempo.    Performance, style and out and out great coffee has astounded me, and certainly influenced how I have looked at the whole customer service, delivery and offering that we make in beer.   The combine of products, the blending, the origins – displayed clearly.     If you want little nudge look out for Cup of Excellence; a premium grading program for the best small parcel coffees.

The flavour notes that are displayed in great coffee, if you’re into really great beer, are a wonderment that you really should look out for.