just to save a few questions:

many of you know that I like brewing, as much as an extension of my love of beer and my need to really understand anything I get involved with “To Get Under The Hood”.  But, and there is always a but,  I knew that I never wanted to be a full-time brewer, as much fun and street cred it is.    I can wholeheartedly leave that to friends and heroes.

many of you know where I have been brewing, where those who know, know, those who don’t, don’t really need to worry.

To let the cat out of the bag, I haven’t really been involved for the past month, just helping out with a little guidance now and then, Steve (Saints and Sinners) and Angelo (Reakt/@Terry_Tibbs) have been working like trojans to keep up with the demand for the beers.   For those interested, it’s a little 5bbl kit with 2 fermenters.  The volumes shot from 30 casks a month to nearly 150 a month.  Something I can be proud of.   What I can equally be proud of are a number of the beers that people have called about, texted and even one bloke, Garett, screaming down the phone how much he loved it – big shocks.       Brews like “Fire*Monkey”, “Hopfather”, and “Military Intelligence” were itches that needed scratching as much the celebrated “ABC”, I can hold my/our heads high and say we brewed that… Thanks for all the love.

It was flattering to be included in brackets such as Kelly, Dom, Mark, Dave and Justin et al… especially Evin. but wholly undeserved.

and to continue the buts:   I am no longer involved.  Frustrations allbeit big, are outweighed by the entity that is, and the need to feed this monster.      Running an online beer store, blogging and the like, can be pretty faceless, but we put the same effort, probably more, into this than I have ever put into a beer.   Hearing people’s delight be the brew they have just sampled, or the box of beer they have just opened – their discovery of new flavours and new products combined – brings a smile.   I love bringing great beer to people.

I can wholeheartedly say, the time brewing I have learnt so much, about people, myself and the pain in the arse that beer can be.     Support brewers, they are what gives us our daily beer.

now back to e-commerce marketing conferences, analytics and PPC campaigns.  Oh, and facebook, and twitter and all the other gubins that holds this together!  love it.

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  1. For the beers you did have a hand in making … cheers!

    Sounds like it’s time to catch your breath before having another go at it. 🙂


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