gluten free, organic and fairtrade?

Mongozo Premium Pilsner.

Mongozo Premium Pilsner is the first Fairtrade lager in the world. Technically a very innovative feat in the brewing process has three unique elements together in a lager.

Mongozo Premium Pilsner is light bitter hoppy taste, a soft-drinking beer with an alcohol content of 5%. With rising demand for Fairtradeorganicand gluten-free products Mongozo arose at the idea of this together in one product.   And, it actually tastes good.

Ingredients and certification
Mongozo Premium Pilsener consists of high quality organic barley, organic hops and Max Havelaar Fairtrade and organic rice. Worldwide this is the first lager to the Max Havelaar Fairtrade and Organic Certisys label and also features gluten free certified. “Pils specialty herein should not be confused. Of course we had special beer with the Fairtrade mark. In other countries, some special Fairtrade beers available anywhere but is still a lager with the label, “said Fleurkens. Furthermore, the beer is also a “Vegan” responsible product.

Rising popularity Fairtrade
The introduction of a Fairtrade lager fits the current trend, looking at the global expansion of Fairtrade products.We are pleased that with the advent of Mongozo Premium Pilsner, lager now a Fairtrade available.

Increase organic food
Sales of organic food in the first half of 2010 increased by 12%. A convincing performance against the growth of the food market of 0.2% over the same period. It comes down to balance that almost half of total turnover in euros in supermarkets (43%) due to organic foods, says Biofoodonline.The organic label on Premium Pilsener Mongozo therefore could not be missed.

Research shows that about 1 in 100 people has celiac disease. This means an intolerance to gluten. 15,000 people in the Netherlands now know that they have celiac disease. The brewing process of a gluten-free beer can in various ways. In the brewing of lager Mongozo the gluten removed from the beer. The beer is then checked by a reputable laboratory gluten. It’s just the market as there are less than 10 PPM is present in beer and thus are labeled “gluten-free.

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