in the news today…

Kelly Ryan, legend of Thornbridge & Dronfield, has cut his hair.

Much to the disappointment of Stuart Howe and other admirers, Kelly, brewer at celebrated Thornbridge Brewery,  has gone from flowing Ginola-esque locks of a salt flecked barnet to a “what the hell happened there”.

Journalists sent to the scene of what some say is a crime, arrived too late and still missed the travesty of post-ironic braided rat tail. That,  thankfully, was  harvested with large scissors by Cat.

Much as Samson lost his hair and mojo to Delila, will we see his powers of brewing divert from his grasp.  Commentators have suggested that his latest effort, Larkspur, is the best cask ale available now, can he repeat this feat now his locks have been shorn?

only time will tell.

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