it’s that time of year

there is a saying that goes something like this:  It takes a helluva lot of beer to make one bottle of wine.

The intimation is that there is more utility in the beer, than the wine.  Fair comment, I know I function better on a 75cl bottle of beer, than a 75cl bottle of wine.   Having worked in the wonderful yet very different world of wine, I know that there is amongst the wine makers rather than the retailers and others, still a great volume of beer consumed.   I love making wine, as much beer… but the beer is a far more complex production, where if you mess up a wine… that’s that years crop gone.

I know when the days flowed into evenings, the summers that I dipped into France, working in the wineries, beer was certainly, amongst my cohort, a far more widely consumed drink.   Ok, it was the dreaded ‘Bourg, pun intended.

Today,  I was talking to a colleague who wears many different hats in the beer world, and we both remarked at that phrase.   Surely, it must take a good amount of beer to make an even greater beer.  Sure as shit, I partake in great volumes of “research”.    I learnt more drinking the stuff in location, than reading it.

But, I wonder if I was to start drinking plonk, would my brewing get better?