reflection and redemption…

reflection and redemption

yes, I haven’t blogged in a while. As I have always said, I am not a writer, I just like to scratch down some diary-esque notes – then scare the crap out of myself thinking how time has flown by.

It’s been a very busy few months for Beermerchants and Cavedirect, and the ongoing brewing project at BrewWharf, with Saints and Sinners – not to mention the advent of the London Brewers Alliance, but feeling in a philosophical mood (read: lack of coffee)  I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard and bash out a few word, say hi and frankly procrastinate after a nice dinner.


Over the past few months I have taken the chance to revisit a few beers that triggered my love of beer, the beers that I have drunk in my level of volumes and old favourites. One of those was sitting on the dinner table and amongst a few other gems this evening to wash the football down with, was Witkap Stimulo.

Ok, so I have a soft spot for Karel Goddeau, admiration one would say.  Lambic brewer extraordinaire, one of the few brewers engaged to produce all three types of beers – his efforts at DeCam and Slagmuhlder sometimes fly under the radar.   His working relationships with Willem van Hereweggen, Amand DeBelder and the like have born quality beers.      The somewhat unfortunate named Slag lager, I am sure you’ll have heard of; it’s from Slagerij – Butcher.    Karel is one of the hardest working people in beer.  But, the beer.    Seemingly there are a million and one “Belgian Blonde ales”  – Leffe thru…?!  where does it end.     I have always enjoyed Witkap Stimulo, being slightly dryer, even perhaps a little hoppier than of old,  but never cloying.  It’s a simple go to beer for me, I regularly have it in the fridge, not affraid to drink it cool to cold, it’s not tooo estery and just well, hits the spot.   A “No brainer”, if you please.    Yes, I am sure I would like it a little hoppier, but for  low-complexity brew, something quaffable, I am really quite taken with this.   I might even have a go at something similar myself, yikes.


The London Brewers Alliance, a recent, best said, “embryonic” group of Brewers, coming together to celebrate a resurgent London brewing scene.    I have had the pleasure of spending time with a great number of very very talented, passionate and committed people – driven to produce quality quality beers for all. I do however feel somewhat of an interloper amongst some seriously knowledgeable people, I have learnt a great deal, and I am sure that I will learn more and more as time moves on.    (We’ve gone ahead and brought out a website, you can see it here.)  But why Redemption?   I just have to put a note up for one of the most passionate and accommodating and energetic people that I have met in recent years.    Andy Moffatt of the Redemption brewery has helped Evin O’Riordain of the Kernel Brewery, (of course, available at here) helped Steve and I at the BrewWharf in time of need and been a fully committed member of the fledgling efforts within the Alliance.   Andy only does cask beer out of his brewery in Tottingham (sic), I heartily suggest that you look out for his complex (chocolatey and hoppy)  interesting Urban Dusk and his very quaffable Pale Ale.   And another shout out must be given for Simon at ZeroDegrees’ Blackheath, his recent MaiBock was excellent.   Have a look at the Alliance site, you’ll see how much is happening… it’s great!