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Those of you regular to the blogosphere, you’ll have read Mark Dredge’s post on the Kernel Brewery.  Here’s my belated take on this exciting new brewery:

Brewing in London has until very recently been very much about Youngs and Fullers,  then 10 years ago Meantime brewery started.   There were a few of the Bruces breweries, “the Firkin Group” – precursors to many of the newer generation of brewers around the country, both in the stainless steel and the personnel.   There was the Bunker (now an Italian restaurant), opposite Belgo Centraal in Covent Garden.    Until now, there are breweries galore in and around London and the M25. More on this soon.

pinched from Dredge

My recent ventures into brewing at the BrewWharf, with Steve have brought a great many friends and faces into what was previously a much slated spot – one friendship has developed from a first meeting at the GBBF and London Homebrewers, way back last August, with Evin O’Riorden.

Evin, a tall chap, his amazing obsession with food, beer and all this epicurean world, he’s a cool chap!   His love of beer, centred around the American style brews, big IPA’s and rich porters – a big step!     The public facing brewery that is the BrewWharf, and Evin actually works in Borough Market, like me carries two jobs, but finds time to come in to see us… his company is always fun, very much looking at the horizons of brewing with similar views, and of course we’re learning from each other all the time!

When I first got a chance to sit an try Evin’s beers, I really enjoyed the IPA, a Centennial hopped 5.7% copper hued American-esque brew, but the rich chocolatey porter was equally good, and hit the spot the moment I was drinking that beer in.

The irritating/beauty of beer is that there are so many different ways to approach this wonderful subject – none more so revealing last night.  With out going into too much detail, the perceived lack of fraternity in brewing was truly broached last night… the brewers, numbering 17 now in London makes a very strong scene!   And, Evin with his Kernel Brewery is bringing it strong!

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  2. I have had the pleasure of sampling Evin’s brew and its great. I recommend it to anyone. The porter is my favourite but I am sure that I will return to the pale ale when the weather warms up.

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