March News

It’s been a while!

Big cheery hello to all the new fans, followers and importantly customers of Beermerchants. It’s been a crazy couple of years, considering that we really only started kicking into gear early in January 2007! After such a hectic last few months, travelling, awards and new ideas and opportunities, I had to sit down and get one of our newsletters out!

I’m sat here in a nice chance to be at desk, crunching this out, excited about what the year has install for us, and you!

I’ve been a bit lax in sending out our regular newsletter, no excuses it’s all down to me! sorry! So, after a really hectic christmas and what with the big sister getting really busy, (we’re actually looking for sales people! or sign up for their newsletter, here ) everything is really fun at the moment! I’ve been starting to get out shopping to bring some really exciting new beers for the site, lots of lovely Lambic and Gueuze, american beers, classic and innovative belgians and the best that I can rustle up in the UK! There will be of course as much as I can lift, get my hands on or even run out the brewery door with, but some items are leaving faster than we ever imagined. We love hearing the comments, love and recomendations every day, from the diverse methods of communication that we love, just makes us want to strive for more and more for you all, so keep up to date, ask me questions, your tweets go straight to my phone!

Early this year we were awarded a spot in the top 100 beer retailers in the world by = #20! I think Mark Dredge said it makes us the number one solely online beer store in the world! I can’t even begin to express thanks to those that have helped raise our profile. It”s crazy the comunity out there. Upbeat, willing to share, inform and spread the word of great beer, it’s a labour of love that’s so important to everything about beer. Long may it last! Now the challenge is to improve on that status!

For the most uptodate news and information watch the Blog, or even Twitter for the moment it happens! If you’re a twitter user, just @beermerchants – with your question anytime of day, and we’ll do our best to answer as fast as we can, (ps, this is on all the time, 24/7)

you can read more of the newsletter, by clicking here!