snow daze

sat in the kitchen, mulling over a cuppa joe, looking out over deepening inches of white fluffy powdery chaos causing, snow.

Having many friends in the US, especially those in the MidWest, Wisconsin and Michigan spring to mind, where they get some of the deepest coldest snow flurries known to man.  Life carries on there!

A recent conversation with Jeff from Lovibonds, a Wisconsin native, we were joking about the chaos that is caused with in his words, “a little flurry”.   I have travelled, I spent a long time in Switzerland and northern Italy.   I have seen snow.    This is fun here, good enough to make a nice snowball, but hell it brings the damn country to a standstill.

Just this morning, I wake up, look out, to 5-6″ of snow, and two cars stuck in the whitestuff.    I got stuck on the M2 coming back from London on Thursday night, you might have seen my late night tweets, not because of excessive snow but people paniced.  Then the delights of heading to Maidstone up the M20 to find FOUR jackknifed lorries between Ashford and my destination, simply because no one had scraped and salted the motorway.

So, what has this got to do with Beer, not a lot really, just I have just been down to the beach for a stroll to see what’s happening, and let me bring a report, there isn’t a lot happening out there in the world.    The snow is laying right up to the shoreline.   So, I am looking at a big bottle of Lost Abbey Serpents Stout, a sofa, a fire, a stack of DVD’s and some R&R.