moules, frites and belgian beer.

In something of a justified plug for a chain of restaurants that have done a lot to bring quality beer for over 20 years, served with food, to many diners tables in the greater london area.  The first meeting  with Belgian Beer and food has often been at one of the distinctive Belgo restaurants.

The one that I tend to frequent is the Noord, with its cellar-like interior is wildly atmospheric, reminiscent of a couple of bars that I frequent when in Brussels.   This one,  split into two areas with curved walls and high glass ceilings. Round the walls the names of medieval fish are engraved, with an open plan kitchen, and a variety of the famous Belgo dishes served by waiters in traditional monks’ habits.

The food for me stops at Mussels, served with frites.  (drool. Easily pleased)   Where as the beer, the newbie to the knowledgeable, there is something to get your palate into.

Friends do tell me, keep an eye out for their special deals, such as the famous ‘Beat the Clock’, where you pay the price at the time shown on your food order when ordering from that menu.

For information on reservations, parties and private hire, or just to learn more about Belgo Restaurants, try their website – here