November’09 Newsletter

We’ve really changed over the last couple of years, one major thing has been happening over the last couple of months, plus great beers, winners and more beer, and even more beer! read on to find out.

Big cheery hello to all the new fans, followers and importantly customers of Beermerchants. It’s been a crazy couple of years, considering that we really only started kicking into gear early in January 2007!

Sat here typing away, actually drinking a fantastic Southern Tier Iniquity, hearing the comments, love and recomendations every day, from the diverse methods of communication that we love, just makes us want to strive for more and more for you all.

Looking back, highlights have been bringing the Mikkeller, Lost Abbey, Alesmith, Jolly Pumpkin, Founders, et al incredible craft beers. The new, old and classic from Belgium, from Struise thru to the super Trappist brews and the success of all the gueuze that we’ve brought on… (There are a bunch of new offers below, but there is great intro to American Craft Beer case, an exceptional bargain!) This is not stopping, but please don’t miss out, because, some of these beers, when they’re gone, they may not be back for a while or if ever!

I can’t even begin to express thanks to those that have helped raise our profile, it’s been shared by so many people, many many people to list, please don’t feel left out, please stop by and read their blogs, sites etc: Joe & The Ratebeerians, BeerAdvocates, Mark Dredge’s Pencil and Spoon (twitter/blog) ; Simon @The Reluctant Scooper (twitter/blog), Andy Mogg at Beer Reviews(twitter/blog), Maeib, Andy and Ian at the, Zak Avery(twitter/blog), the Beer Vikings (check out their video below!), Kirsty, Hopzine…… so many!! it’s crazy the comunity out there. Upbeat, willing to share, inform and spread the word of great beer, it’s a labour of love that’s so important to everything about beer. Long may it last!

So, The biggest thing that we’ve been working on has started to roll out over the last couple of months. It’s been a monumental shift in what we’ve been doing. We’re now shipping to Europe!! This IS something worthy of two exclamation marks. Yes, dear beer lover sitting in Athens, you can now browse the site, and you’ll get the beers just as someone sitting in Ashford, Aberdeen, Aintree.. or wherever else. It’s been fun watching the orders come in, shipping out and the tracking data saying “ARRIVED”. We’ve out of curiosity been google mapping some of the destinations, quite fun to see! For a complete, and growing list of destinations just check the site. We’ve been quiet about all this, perhaps one post on our blog at best, solely because we wanted to make double sure that the system that we’ve engaged into is suitable and most importantly, secure. Shipping to the fringes of Europe has been incredibly exciting, a new challenge and brought a completely new set of requests and demands on the company, and so far so good. It’s been a fun challenge, don’t thank me, thank yourselves for the idea/demand and Anthony and Louise for bringing it together!

The European changes to sit so well in our simple wish to open up a whole new world of experiences and give you a more informed choice about what is available to buy from great breweries around the world. We just want you to be able to enjoy beer!

It’s certainly getting closer to Christmas, damn festive tunes are appearing in my local highstreet all too quickly!? such are the book releases that are coming thick and fast. I have been flexing my reading muscles recently, I wholeheartedly recommend the Belgian Beer Guide, Around Brussels in 80 beers and the excellent Hops and Glory as Christmas prezzies. You can check the reviews on our blog. Are you a Facebook User? We’re doing a special for our fan base, don’t miss out.


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