the intermittent blog continues. the travails of sending out boxes of beer isn’t something new, but doing it with rules is something that I haven’t done for a while.  Sending personal boxes of beer, rather than the rule thing.

Having taken all of three minutes to design the artwork, I would suggest that you study it closely, enjoy and send me answers in the comments below.  Answers to what question, I have no idea.   Just as much why the hell should I, someone with more beer, of diverse origin, around me in my place of work than most brewers, send beer to some bloke who I have never met.    I am always keen to help those that shout about the beer.  But hang on here, involved with a couple of blokes idea, that of Andy Chilliupnorth of BeerReviews.co.uk and the ever present Mark Dredge of Pencil and Spoon – that of #Beerswap.    The premise that was to send beer, via some strange new mail service from my local newsagent.

So, I was having to send beer, that I couldn’t reach for on the shelve, had to be local, and… it had rules.   I was told that I couldn’t send from Beermerchants.com.  Why did I agree to this?   It meant work.  Going to find beers, it’s not like I have loads of time to do this, considering the frequency of this blog as you might have noticed.    Ah well… sod it.   I coerced a friend, Steve of Saints and Sinners/Gadds of Ramsgate into it to ease burden.   A quick trip to Macknades near faversham scored all the beers that I needed, plus a load of funky cheeses, pastas and dave’s insanitory sauce. Job done. 

To my amazement the shipment from my oppo turned up nearly immediately.  Thankfully having been shopping I had the beers to send, from the very capable Westerham brewery and a little brewery from my old home, Rother Valley Brewery, which interestingly brews on parts of breweries that I have been involved with, from way back.  Both these breweries I would hope you’d look out for, grab them when available on cask.

The beers were repacked, shipped off, one to wales and one to Scotland.

The beers that arrived, so far the Ossett Excelsior has been a good’un.  Safe, citrus notes, perfumed, and bright.  The rest are sitting with many other brews that are in need of opening.

So, what do I think of #beerswap.   Having traded with fellow Ratebeerians, many moons ago, I was somewhat laboured to get involved, it’s a chore picking and packing beers, then the costs of shipping to fields far away.  Whereas, this was neat, simple and relaxed.   Pick some beers, from 2 breweries, max 4 beers, stick’em in a box, and ship to someone.  Simple. (not Simples, please.)  Would I do it again, yes.    Now where is the bottle opener.  Thanks to all who’re involved, especially Rob and Rob.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed Ossett Excelsior, Yes its nothing “New” but a good quality hoppy pale ale. When I was chatting to Zak about my selection the idea of Duke of Bronte grabbed his attention, I’m sure it is up to the challenge of your experienced pallett. Stoddley Stout is a good quality stout and Fuggles is a cracking bitter from my local brewery 15 min walk down the canal.

    I’m glad the box arrived intact and hope you enjoy the rest.

    P.S why don’t use you some of your Flickr pics in your banners, some lovley photos there.

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