beer o’clock

beer o'clock

Sorry I haven’t blogged in nearly month or so, sat here tapping away, bashing by head against various technologies and what runs said techie bits,  even when surrounded by beer all day, beer o’clock is still a time that really brings joy!

My normal day is an early start, flicking through Tweets and Emails, many the normal “african prince” with the various levels misapropriated finances, or dubious original erectile disfunction remedy, or if you’re really curious, methods of extending ones manhood.    In amongst that lot I get people wanting to sell me beer,  lots and lots of people PR’ing for beer brands,  and on that note I tend to find that coffee is calling my name and the real news of the day on the World Service.

Some people seem to think my day is entirely tweeting and blogging, and checking the site, or packing boxes.   Anything could be further from that.   We have a number of people who pick’n’pack, they’re awesome at what they do.   Yes, I tweet, blog (on occasion), and I check the site and work on the new parent site.  I write all the new descriptions, research new beers (like this one), worry about lots of stuff, maintain relationships with brewers,  all under the influence of only infused beverages. No lunch time beers here.

Getting out of the door at 5, ish, I pass a couple of very good Cask Ale forward pubs.   One in particular that’s got rid of all macro keg beer!   Only sells beer from local Micro’s  – and it’s BUSY!    I occasionally pop in, lack of mobile phone signals around where I live have their benefits.    Living in the back of beyond, I am fortunate to have a selection of pubs that have remained in the ownership of families, over multiple generations, something that’s actually quite common in Belgium, especially my favourite little Bars in Pajottenland; where as here, all to rare.

The social nature of beer drinkers, couple of pints of mild/light pale ales, after work – really hit the spot.   21st Amendment’s Bitter American is of that ilk, a fantastic brew for slowing the day down.   The moments throwing a few stangs of Kolsch down ones neck in Koln/Cologne have equally given moments of R&R, in a previous working life.

Whether it’s a kiddy in a sweetshop type thing, I infrequently grab beer from the depot, it’s not that there isn’t an incredible selection or that I don’t want to take them, or anyother spurious reason;  it’s just that I love great fresh cask ales, served by people passionate about the serving of the beer as much the origins, range, diversity and everything we beer lovers chunter on about.    They taste the best, after a days work.   Beer O’Clock is better than any dinner bell or alarm clock I can think of.

Roll on Beer O’Clock!


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  2. Time to knock off for an Anchor Steam, Red Stripe, or whatever Leinenkugel’s in the ‘fridge. There may be a lone St. Pauli Girl in there from the last party. Or I could shower, put on clean clothes, and go downtown to Founders. Nah, the fridge it is. Cheers!

  3. Ahh yes, beer O’clock, no better time of the day. I do find that my beer O’clock is generally at a weekend these days, the time at which you know the jobs are done and there is no driving to do, put the kids in bed, make a nice meal and sup some beer – now that is my perfect beer O’clock.

    I totally agree with the whole cask thing and living in Derbyshire I have a great selection of local pubs with great cask ales on. I’ve even been purchasing 4 pint jugs poured direct from cask at a local Micro! Doesn’t come much fresher 🙂

    Still, I’ll always have room for a good selection of bottles – which reminds me, must put in an order soon!

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